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Alina Chorna

/artist & the creative head


Born in Kyiv, Ukraine, 1988

2003-2007 Studied Graphic and Traditional Art at the Kyiv Industrial Technical College of Arts Kyiv, Ukraine

2007-2010 Graduated as an Art teacher from Borys Grinchenko Kyiv Universität Kyiv, Ukraine

My name is Alina and Art is my passion. 

The beauty of nature, the greatness of the world around us, the warmth of human feelings – that is what gives me moments of inspiration that I imprint in my artworks. Most of my artworks are represented with paintings, which are a small key to my inner world. In addition to painting and graphics, I also found myself in stained glass painting, hand-made accessories, and toys, discovering new techniques and styles. 

I am grateful to my father - a magnificent architect who instilled in me a sense of space and the grace of geometric lines. I am grateful to my mother - a musician who brought up the love for creativity in me. I am grateful to my teachers in college and university, who opened the door to the world of art.

Exhibitions: Celeste Cosmetic Vernissage/Zurich, Art-Thur/Weinfelden, Art Cave/Zurich, Kunst im Labor/Zurich, Art International/Zurich, Kunst Zürich Süd/Adliswil, Kunstmarkt/Zürich

I'm always interested in new projects and collaboration! 

Feel free to contact me=)

 Pablo Picasso 

Everything you can imagine is real!

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