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/ART classes

My philosophy

Drawing fosters imagination, sensitivity, powers of observation, perseverance, and creativity in children. Artistic activities also contribute to the development of dexterity and concentration. Working with colors, shapes, and textures has many positive effects on the minds of young artists.

The study and depiction of natural phenomena, animals, and plants on paper help children establish a close connection with the outside world, teaching them to recognize the beauty and uniqueness in every detail. Children gain a variety of experiences, can experiment, and express themselves. They get to know different materials and techniques, which will be useful for their future creative endeavors.

The subjects of the lessons will be varied and interesting. Examples and inspiration will be provided to the children. The lessons are designed to guide the child step by step on the path to their own artwork. During the lessons, children have fun, gain self-esteem through their successes, and strengthen their personalities. We will visualize various topics using gouache, acrylic, watercolor, and pencils. Additionally, various aspects such as image composition, structure, depth effects, and contrast theory will be taught.

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